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LC Homes – Discover Energy Efficiency and Lasting Value

Friday, Mar 24, 2017

LC Homes – Discover Energy Efficiency and Lasting Value“Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland and the Denver-metro area, is leading the nation in green energy innovation,” comments Rollin Goering, partner and regional sales manager for LC Homes (formerly MidTown Homes), a notable ENERGY STAR builder.

“As a state, we have a focus on green energy,” says Goering. “Weʼre being watched to see how we are building responsibly. Plus, to be energy efficient is to be competitive in the market.”

And since the market is ultimately all about people searching for a place to call their own, feel comfortable in and treat like an oasis from the rest of the world, LC Homes concentrates on the human element. They sincerely make an effort to find out what the clientʼs needs are.

“We like to ask our customers what it is they are looking for? What features do they have in their current home that they would like to repeat or would prefer to change? These kinds of questions give us insight as to what they really want. In fact, the number one thing Iʼm most proud about with our company is that our construction details are based on buyer feedback, which we take into account and then implement with future designs. We also ask our customers if they would like to see the ENERGY STAR features? In that way we show the quality details rather than just talking about them,” says Goering.

“Another thing we bring to the table is that all of our agents are EcoBroker certified, so thereʼs education behind what we do,” continues Goering. EcoBroker is considered the premier green designation for real estate professionals.


ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program which assists businesses and individuals in an effort to save money while offering environmental protection through superior energy efficiency.

The current benchmark is ENERGY STAR 3.0. Those standards have evolved consistently throughout the past 20 years, translating to greater savings to homeowners over the lifetime of their house.

“This is how we build our houses,” says Goering. “The benefit to buyers is less utility costs.”

In addition, LC Homes boasts a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index consistently below 50, depending on the model of the home. The national average comes in at around 70.

“Itʼs kind of like a golf score. Lower is better,” says Goering.


Thatʼs all well and good, but what do those numbers actually mean to you as a consumer looking for the best path to sustainable homeownership?

LC Homes has a long list of energy efficient facets included in the dwellings they build.

“We provide 2x6 exterior walls, which equates to more insulation. They minimize sound and outside noise as well as too much solar heat gain in the summer. Itʼs really easy to differentiate from most other builders without ENERGY STAR, who compare with 2x4 walls,” says Goering.

Besides walls, though, the list is extensive.

“We utilize blown-in insulation, e-glass white vinyl windows, energy efficient furnaces, tankless water heaters and low-flow toilets. This last item seems like a small thing but is really important to Northern Colorado buyers because of the ongoing water availability issues.”

According to Goering, one of the items potential buyers are most impressed by is that LC Homes provides HERS certificates upon purchase and a Home Energy Rating Certificate from an independent third party rater verifying the home has meet all of the ENERGY STAR standards. This certificate is given only to ENERGY STAR homes. “This is proof of the quality of what they are getting, both for the home buyerʼs satisfaction as well as for resale value,” added Goering.

“Up and coming features to look for include more solar capability as well as Smart Homes,” says Goering, referring to homes with more technological advances such as motion-sensor lighting and thermostats that are programmable from your cell phone.”

But, according to Goering, “the affordability factor right now prevents them from being included as standard features.”


“The price point of these types of homes is $350,000 to $450,000, so weʼre not seeing many first-time buyers. Rather, move-up buyers, which includes families looking for a larger home with more space, or retirees who are downsizing and want a high-quality smaller home are the clientele purchasing most of our ENERGY STAR homes,” says Goering.

Women overall have become big drivers in todayʼs real estate economy.

“Mothers who are leading a household appreciate homes with ENERGY STAR features because it makes that effort of budgeting easier on families. And weʼve actually seen quite a few single women purchasing homes as well.”


Several types of settings are offered, each with unique characteristics utilized to cater to residents searching for distinctive attributes.

“Each community has a lifestyle weʼre building around,” adds Goering. The various neighborhoods differ in amenities and price range, yet the superior value remains consistent.

“Currently, 100% of our homes are E.S. certified,” says Goering. “I absolutely believe building homes to the ENERGY STAR standards gives us an advantage in the marketplace. It gives us a differentiator and is a confidence builder. Weʼre not just saying we build quality homes, but showing that we do.”

Consumers are able to verify that information in many ways.

“By looking up the local MLS system for real estate, you can upload that certification. It is a big aid in the search for an ENERGY STAR home,” says Goering. LC Homes also promotes their products by providing individualized brochures on each home model. Current listings for LC Homes can be found on the NOCO ENERGY STAR website as well.


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