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Land Brokerage

LC Real Estate Group is a leader in land and is uniquely positioned to create opportunities and wealth for end-users, developers, investors, and municipalities. We have participated in the sale and development of thousands of acres of commercial and residential land.

Our company was originally founded in 1996 with a focus on development by principals with decades of prior land development experience. We have extensive experience in entitlements, raw water, development costs, urban renewal districts, and metro districts.

Residential Land

Our land brokerage team has a unique insight into residential land based on our experience in taking raw land through the entitlement process and working with different municipalities help our clients get the best value out of difficult and complicated land transactions. We maintain up to date development costs and have an in-depth understanding of raw water dedication requirements that allow us to better value land. We know construction costs and have a pulse on the new home market through our ownership of LC Home.

Commercial Land

We are experienced as developers and brokers in the sale, lease, and development of commercial land. We are familiar with the issues and challenges that investors, developers, and end-users face. We have helped our clients get through approvals dealing with site design, building design, traffic, easement agreements, and other development issues. We are knowledgeable in pad site sales and leasing and can help end-users find the best site by providing actionable site feasibility research.

We leverage the large size of our teams when selling commercial land. Our land brokerage team partners with our office, retail, and industrial leasing teams to make sure that end-users looking to purchase, or lease are not missed in the marketing process.

Institutional, Lender, & Governmental Representation

LC Real Estate Group has represented institutional investors, local banks, and municipalities in the evaluation, purchase, and disposition of their land assets. We utilize our market knowledge and development experience to help our clients evaluate the current and future potential of assets. We help our clients and customers solve complex problems through our local network of municipal contacts, engineering firms, law firms, and other service providers.

Homebuilder Representation

We understand the homebuilding industry through our ownership of LC Home so our brokers know the unique challenges builders face. Our background helps us identify land that is likely to succeed based on changing market forces, demographics, and consumer preferences.  In order to properly negotiate through this environment of rapid change, we can be relied on as a trusted counsel who truly understands the industry.




Mindfully Creating Value – Our Approach

Local Development Knowledge

Our brokerage team has extensive knowledge as developers that can help landowners, investors, developers, and end-users maximize their returns and avoid costly mistakes and produce the best possible use for a site. We help our clients succeed because we have local knowledge of development activity, local ordinances, zoning, environment, soils, and water issues. 

Customized Strategy

Each asset has a unique marketing plan based on its unique strengths and weaknesses. We develop marketing plans that target buyer pools based on buyer types, geography, and active market participation. We invest heavily in market research to have the most up-to-date information to share with our clients and make sure that we don’t miss a transaction. Our advice is tailored to each property based on our knowledge of local market conditions, capital flows, and other trends. We will develop specific plans for your specific needs to help you accomplish your goals.

Cooperative Brokerage

Believe it or not, not all brokerage firms make their listings publicly available to other brokers and investors. We believe our clients’ interests come first and that they are best served by exposing their property is to expose it to the largest pool of qualified buyers through the entire marketing process. We list our properties on both residential and commercial multiple listing services as well as on all the large national information exchanges.   

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