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LC Real Estate Group Real Estate Brokerage is better than Ever!

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019


We are proud to be Northern Colorado’s number one choice when it comes to a commercial and residential land brokerage. LC Real Estate Group has spent a lot of time and energy on providing the best possible resources for investors to find the perfect real estate property to increase wealth. We have participated in the sale of thousands of acres of residential and commercial land in Northern Colorado.

LC Real Estate Group is launching a brand new database to help searching for opportunities in Northern Colorado. The database will help make distinctions between different specialty investing, including retail spaces, offices, industrial, multifamily residential land, and commercial land. In addition, there will be a full-time manager in charge of maintaining and tracking market activity in Northern Colorado so you won’t miss any opportunities.

Colorado is one of the nation’s premiere hotbeds for land and property investment. There are more than 20,000 properties in Northern Colorado just between Larimer, Weld, and Boulder counties with additional residential land developments in Adams and Arapahoe counties.

The wealth of information about properties is better than ever. It will be easier than ever to find and locate properties with geo-locations for each and every property. In addition, each property will include property ownership details, contact information for property owners, sale history, debt, zoning information, water district information, and so much more. We simply cannot explain how easy to use and informational the database will be to help investors.

If you would like more information about the new database launch or real estate brokerage services in Northern Colorado, please contact LC Real Estate Group at (970) 667-7000.

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